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Planning a trip to Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India

17th May to 23rd May, 2024Moderate Budget Train
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Estimated Budget
for the Trip
INR 25,400 - 35,900View Breakdown

Things to do in Kedarnath in May

Day 1 - Friday 17th, May
morning -

Arrive at Kedarnath by train

afternoon -

Check into your hotel and relax

evening -

Enjoy a leisurely walk around the Kedarnath Temple and the surrounding area

Day 2 - Saturday 18th, May
morning -

Visit Gandhi Sarovar for a peaceful morning by the lake

afternoon -

Lunch at Bhajan Ashram, a serene place with a simple menu

evening -

Visit Shankaracharya Samadhi for a spiritual experience

Day 3 - Sunday 19th, May
morning -

Attend the morning Aarti at Kedarnath Temple for a serene start to your day

afternoon -

Explore Vasuki Tal, a beautiful high-altitude lake

evening -

Dinner at Meraki, a cozy restaurant with local cuisine

Day 4 - Monday 20th, May
morning -

Experience the tranquility of Chorabari Tal, also known as Gandhi Tal

afternoon -

Lunch at Moksha Cafe, a lovely place with scenic views and delicious food

evening -

Stroll around the tranquil and picturesque Gandhi Sarovar

Day 5 - Tuesday 21st, May
morning -

Visit Vasuki Tal for a serene morning by the lake

afternoon -

Lunch at Shankaracharya Samadhi, a peaceful spot with a simple menu

evening -

Relax and meditate at Bhajan Ashram for an evening of tranquility

Day 6 - Wednesday 22nd, May
morning -

Take a leisurely walk around Kedarnath Temple for one last glimpse of its beauty

afternoon -

Enjoy a relaxing lunch at Meraki, savoring the local flavors

evening -

Witness the evening Aarti at Kedarnath Temple for a spiritual experience

Day 7 - Thursday 23rd, May
morning -

Check out from the hotel and proceed to the Kedarnath railway station

afternoon -

Catch the train from Kedarnath to Jalpaiguri

evening -

Relax and reminisce about the serene time spent in Kedarnath

Weather in Kedarnath in Invalid date
Avg Temp12°C to 22°C
Chance of Rain30%

The weather in May in Kedarnath is generally pleasant, with warm days and cool nights. However, as you are traveling in the mountains, be prepared for unpredictable conditions. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

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Things to Carry on your trip to Kedarnath

Clothing & Apparel

Waterproof jacket -

For protection from rain.

Warm layers -

For cold weather, including a base layer, mid-layer, and insulating layer.

Hiking pants -

Comfortable and durable for the trek.

Hiking boots -

With good ankle support for the uneven terrain.

Comfortable socks -

To prevent blisters.

Hat -

For sun protection.

Gloves -

For warmth.


Trekking poles -

For stability and support on the trail.

Water bottle -

For hydration.

Headlamp -

For visibility in low light.

First aid kit -

For minor emergencies.

Sun cream -

For sun protection.

Lip balm -

To prevent chapped lips.

Whistle -

For signaling for help if needed.

Essentials & Must Haves

Passport and visa -

Required for entry into India.

Cash -

May be useful for local purchases.

Camera -

To capture memories.

Power bank -

To keep devices charged.

Paper tissues -

For hygiene and comfort.

Basic toiletries -

Including soap, shampoo, and deodorant.

Small backpack -

For carrying essentials during the trek.

Good to have

Binoculars -

For wildlife viewing.

Snacks and energy bars -

For quick energy boosts.

Books or magazines -

For entertainment at rest stops.

Travel pillow -

For comfort during long train journeys.


Smartphone -

For communication and navigation.

External hard drive -

For backing up photos and videos.

Portable speaker -

For listening to music on the go.

Universal adapter -

For charging devices.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Cash is commonly accepted, but some establishments may accept cards


Local Experiences in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India

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Budget for Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India in May, 2024
  • Budget
  • Tips to Save Money
INR25,400 - 35,900

Approximate Budget Range for your trip.

Travel Expenses Breakdown
Train Travel
INR 3,000- 4,000
INR 2,000- 3,000
INR 800- 1,200
Local Travelling
INR 500- 800
INR 1,000- 1,500
INR 500- 800
Simple Tips to save money while travelling to Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India
  • Make sure to carry warm clothing as the temperature can drop in the evenings.
  • Plan to spend some time in quiet reflection at the temples and ashrams for a truly relaxing experience.

*Disclaimer - Please note that the travel budget suggestions provided by Trip Garuda are generated through AI algorithms based on available data and user input. While we strive for accuracy, these estimates may not reflect real-time pricing or unforeseen expenses. We recommend using these figures as a general guide and encourage you to conduct further research and budgeting based on your specific travel requirements.