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Planning a trip to Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

25th May to 31st May, 2024Budget Friendly Road Trip
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Things to do in Bengaluru in May

Day 1 - Saturday 25th, May
morning -

Arrive in Bengaluru and check into accommodation. Visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden for a peaceful morning surrounded by lush greenery.

afternoon -

Lunch at Vidyarthi Bhavan for authentic South Indian vegetarian dishes.

evening -

Relax at Cubbon Park and explore the greenery and architectural landmarks like the State Central Library and Attara Kacheri.

Day 2 - Sunday 26th, May
morning -

Visit Bangalore Palace for a glimpse into the regal history of the city.

afternoon -

Lunch at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) for delicious traditional Karnataka cuisine.

evening -

Explore Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace for its intricate architecture and historical significance.

Day 3 - Monday 27th, May
morning -

Drive to Nandi Hills for a scenic sunrise and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

afternoon -

Lunch at Mayura Restaurant for some authentic local cuisine.

evening -

Visit ISKCON Temple for its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

Day 4 - Tuesday 28th, May
morning -

Indulge in a lazy morning with a traditional South Indian breakfast at MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms.

afternoon -

Stroll through Commercial Street for some local shopping and street food.

evening -

Relax at Ulsoor Lake and enjoy a peaceful evening by the water.

Weather in Bengaluru in Invalid date
Avg Temp22°C to 34°C
Chance of Rain30%

Bengaluru has a tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The weather in May is typically hot and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

Travel eSims for India

*Travel eSims are a great way to stay connected while travelling. They are easy to set up online, no need to visit a store, and can be used in multiple countries. They are a data saver compared to international roaming and are compatible with most phones.

Things to Carry on your trip to Bengaluru

Clothing & Apparel

Comfortable and breathable clothes -

Pack light, airy fabrics like cotton, linen and breathable synthetics to stay cool in the warm weather.

Light jacket or sweater -

For evenings or unexpected weather changes.

Comfortable walking shoes -

You'll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes are supportive and comfortable.

Swimsuit -

If you plan on visiting any of the city's many lakes or swimming pools.


Sunglasses -

To protect your eyes from the sun.

Hat -

To protect your head from the sun.

Scarf -

Can be used as a headscarf, neck scarf, or even a blanket.

Umbrella -

In case of rain.

Essentials & Must Haves

Passport and visa (if required) -

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay.

Travel insurance -

To protect yourself against unexpected events.

First-aid kit -

For minor injuries.

Sunscreen -

To protect your skin from the sun.

Insect repellent -

To protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects.

Cash and credit cards -

Most places accept credit cards, but it's always good to have some cash on hand.

Universal adapter -

If you are traveling from outside of India.

Good to have

Travel guidebook -

To help you plan your trip and learn about the city.

Camera -

To capture your memories.

Binoculars -

For birdwatching or sightseeing.

Reusable water bottle -

To stay hydrated and reduce waste.

Snacks -

To keep you going throughout the day.


Smartphone -

For navigation, communication, and entertainment.

Laptop or tablet -

For work or entertainment.

Power bank -

To keep your devices charged.

Headphones -

For listening to music or podcasts.

Travel router -

To create a Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone's data connection.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Credit cards are widely accepted in Bengaluru, but it's always a good idea to have some cash on hand for smaller purchases.

Travel Apps in Bengaluru

Food Delivery Apps in Bengaluru

Local Experiences in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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