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Planning a trip to Pondicherry, Puducherry, India

7th May to 9th May, 2024Budget Friendly Train
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Things to do in Pondicherry in May

Day 1 - Tuesday 7th, May
afternoon -

Arrive in Pondicherry by train from Chennai. Check into your accommodation and relax after the journey.

evening -

Take a leisurely stroll along Promenade Beach to enjoy the sea breeze and sunset. Head to Le Cafe for some coffee and snacks by the beach.

Day 2 - Wednesday 8th, May
morning -

Start your day with a visit to Aurobindo Ashram for some peaceful moments and self-reflection.

afternoon -

Explore the beautifully vibrant French architecture at White Town. Visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for its stunning architecture and serene ambiance.

evening -

Head to Rendezvous Cafe for a relaxed dinner with some delicious French cuisine.

Day 3 - Thursday 9th, May
morning -

Spend the morning at Serenity Beach for a peaceful and relaxing time by the sea.

afternoon -

Visit the Goubert Market for a glimpse of the local lifestyle and some budget-friendly shopping.

evening -

Enjoy a casual dinner at Satsanga for some delectable vegetarian dishes and a peaceful ambiance.

Day 4 - Friday 10th, May
morning -

Indulge in a relaxed breakfast at Tantos Pizzeria, known for its cozy setting and delicious wood-fired pizzas.

afternoon -

Take a final walk along the serene Paradise Beach and savor the tranquil atmosphere before departing from Pondicherry.

Weather in Pondicherry in Invalid date
Avg Temp27°C to 37°C
Chance of Rain50%

May is a hot and humid month in Pondicherry, with average temperatures between 27°C and 37°C (80°F and 100°F). The humidity can be quite high, so it's important to stay hydrated and wear loose, breathable clothing. There is also a chance of rain, so be sure to pack an umbrella or raincoat. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

Travel eSims for India

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Things to Carry on your trip to Pondicherry

Clothing & Apparel

Light, breathable clothing -

Due to the warm and humid climate, pack light, airy fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.

Comfortable footwear -

You'll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes are supportive and comfortable.

Swimsuit -

Pondicherry has a beautiful coastline, so bring a swimsuit if you're planning on spending any time at the beach.

Cover-up -

To wear over your swimsuit when you're not swimming or sunbathing.

Hat -

To protect your head from the sun.

Sunglasses -

To protect your eyes from the sun.


Reusable water bottle -

To stay hydrated, especially during the hot and humid months.

Sunscreen -

To protect your skin from the sun.

Insect repellent -

To keep away mosquitoes and other insects.

First-aid kit -

For minor accidents and illnesses.

Small backpack or tote bag -

To carry your belongings around.

Essentials & Must Haves

Passport and visa (if required) -

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of departure.

Travel insurance -

To protect yourself against unexpected events such as lost luggage, medical emergencies, or trip cancellations.

Cash and credit cards -

Cash is still widely accepted in Pondicherry, but credit cards are also accepted at most tourist-oriented businesses.

Travel documents (itinerary, booking confirmations, etc.) -

Keep all of your travel documents organized and easily accessible.

Travel-sized toiletries -

To keep your toiletries organized and within the TSA liquid limits.

Good to Have

Guidebook or travel app -

To help you plan your trip and learn about the local culture.

Camera -

To capture your memories.

Book or e-reader -

For entertainment during your downtime.

Small umbrella or raincoat -

In case of unexpected rain.

Travel towel -

For drying off after swimming or showering.


Smartphone -

For staying connected, taking photos, and navigating.

Charger and adapter -

To keep your devices charged.

Noise-canceling headphones -

For blocking out noise on the train or plane.

Power bank -

To keep your devices charged on the go.

Travel-sized Bluetooth speaker -

For listening to music or podcasts.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Cash and credit cards are widely accepted in Pondicherry. However, it's always a good idea to have some local currency on hand for small purchases and tips.

Travel Apps in Pondicherry

Food Delivery Apps in Pondicherry

Local Experiences in Pondicherry, Puducherry, India

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