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Planning a trip to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

14th Jun to 19th Jun, 2024Budget Friendly Train
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Things to do in Thiruvananthapuram in June

Day 1 - Saturday 15th, Jun
morning -

Arrive in Thiruvananthapuram by train and check into accommodation

afternoon -

Visit Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, a famous Hindu temple with Dravidian style architecture and intricate carvings.

evening -

Head to Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, known for the annual Attukal Pongala festival, one of the world's largest gatherings of women.

Day 2 - Sunday 16th, Jun
morning -

Explore Kuthiramalika Palace, a palace built by the King of Travancore showcasing traditional Kerala architecture and artifacts.

afternoon -

Visit Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple, an ancient temple known for its beautiful architecture and spiritual significance.

evening -

Enjoy a serene sunset at Shanghumukham Beach, a popular beach with a serene ambiance to relax and unwind.

Day 3 - Monday 17th, Jun
morning -

Take a train to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of mainland India, and visit the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, a sacred monument located on a rock island.

afternoon -

Indulge in some local cuisine at Krishna Cafe for authentic Kerala meals at budget-friendly prices.

evening -

Return to Thiruvananthapuram and visit the local street food stalls near Shankumugham Beach for delicious local snacks.

Day 4 - Tuesday 18th, Jun
morning -

Attend a prayer session at the Aazhimala Siva Temple, known for its oceanfront location and peaceful ambiance.

afternoon -

Explore the local market at Chalai Bazaar for unique souvenirs, spices, and handicrafts.

evening -

Stop by Hotel Rahmaniya for a budget-friendly, yet delicious, Malabari Biriyani - a local specialty.

Day 5 - Wednesday 19th, Jun
morning -

If time permits, visit the Neyyar Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary for a peaceful morning amidst nature before departing from Thiruvananthapuram.

afternoon -

Have a traditional Kerala Sadhya meal at Ariya Nivaas for a farewell taste of authentic local cuisine.

Weather in Thiruvananthapuram in Invalid date
Avg Temp25°C to 32°C
Chance of Rain40%
SeasonSummer Monsoon

Thiruvananthapuram in June experiences a mix of warm and humid weather, with occasional showers. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

Travel eSims for India

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Things to Carry on your trip to Thiruvananthapuram

Clothing & Apparel

Cotton t-shirts -

Lightweight and breathable, perfect for the warm and humid climate.

Shorts/Skirts -

Comfortable and easy to move around in, suitable for the tropical weather.

Light jacket or cardigan -

For evenings or sudden rain showers.

Footwear -

Comfortable walking shoes for exploring and sandals or flip-flops for casual outings.


Hat -

To protect from the sun.

Sunglasses -

To protect eyes from the bright sun.

Raincoat -

For unpredictable rainfall.

Small backpack or tote bag -

For carrying essentials while exploring.

Essentials & Must Haves

Passport/Identification card -

Essential for travel.

Travel documents -

Train tickets, booking confirmation if any.

Cash and cards -

Local currency and credit/debit cards for expenses.

First-aid kit -

For minor injuries or emergencies.

Medications (if required) -

Prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

Good to Have

Travel towel -

Lightweight and quick-drying, for use after showers or at the beach.

Travel umbrella -

Compact and foldable, for protection from rain.

Camera -

To capture memories of your trip.

Reusable water bottle -

To stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste.


Smartphone -

For communication, navigation, and access to apps.

Camera (optional) -

To capture memories of your trip.

Power bank -

To charge electronic devices on the go.

Travel adapter -

If necessary, to plug in electronic devices.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Cash (Indian Rupee) is widely accepted. Credit and debit cards are also commonly used in major establishments.

Travel Apps in Thiruvananthapuram

Food Delivery Apps in Thiruvananthapuram

Local Experiences in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

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