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Planning a trip to Tamil Nadu, India

27th May to 2nd Jun, 2024Budget Friendly Train
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Things to do in Tamil Nadu, India in May

Day 1 - Monday 27th, May
afternoon -

Arrive in Madurai and check-in to hotel. Head to the Meenakshi Amman Temple, a historic Hindu temple with colorful and intricate carvings.

evening -

Enjoy a traditional Chettinad cuisine dinner at Amma Mess, known for its delicious and authentic local dishes.

Day 2 - Tuesday 28th, May
morning -

Visit Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace, a 17th-century palace known for its stunning architecture and historical significance.

afternoon -

Explore the Gandhi Memorial Museum, dedicated to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi.

evening -

Stroll through the Puthu Mandapam market, where you can find local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs.

Day 3 - Wednesday 29th, May
morning -

Take the Kodaikanal Express train from Madurai to Kodaikanal Road Station.

afternoon -

Check-in to your hotel in Kodaikanal and relax. Visit Coaker's Walk, a serene promenade with panoramic views of the hills and valleys.

evening -

Indulge in some local street food at the Tibetan Brothers Momos stall, known for its delicious momos.

Day 4 - Thursday 30th, May
morning -

Enjoy a boat ride on the serene Kodaikanal Lake.

afternoon -

Savor a traditional South Indian thali at Astoria Veg Restaurant, known for its authentic flavors.

evening -

Explore the local markets for handmade chocolates and aromatic spices.

Day 5 - Friday 31st, May
morning -

Take the Nilgiri Express train from Kodaikanal Road Station to Ooty.

afternoon -

Check-in to your hotel in Ooty and relax. Visit the Rose Garden, home to thousands of rose varieties.

evening -

Enjoy a quiet evening at the popular South Indian restaurant Nahar's Sidewalk Cafe, known for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious food.

Day 6 - Saturday 1st, Jun
morning -

Embark on a scenic journey aboard the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage train, from Ooty to Coonoor.

afternoon -

Visit Sim's Park in Coonoor, a well-maintained botanical garden with a variety of plant species.

evening -

Treat yourself to some freshly baked pastries and cakes at King Star Bakery, a popular local bakery.

Day 7 - Sunday 2nd, Jun
morning -

Experience the tranquility of the Ooty Botanical Gardens, home to a wide variety of exotic and indigenous plant species.

afternoon -

Enjoy a delightful lunch at Shinkow's Chinese Restaurant, known for its delectable Chinese cuisine.

evening -

Take a leisurely stroll through the local markets to pick up some unique handcrafted souvenirs.

Day 8 - Monday 3rd, Jun
morning -

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and take a last walk around Ooty, soaking in the serene atmosphere and natural beauty.

afternoon -

Check-out from your hotel and head to Ooty Railway Station for your train journey back to Madurai.

Weather in Tamil Nadu, India in Invalid date
Avg Temp28°C to 40°C

Madurai has a warm climate year-round, with average temperatures ranging from 22°C to 38°C. May is a hot month, with average temperatures ranging from 28°C to 40°C. There is little to no chance of rain or snow during this time of year. The UV index is high, so it is important to protect your skin from the sun. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

Travel eSims for India

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Things to Carry on your trip to Tamil Nadu, India

Clothing & Apparel

Lightweight, breathable clothing -

Tamil Nadu has a warm climate, so pack clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Cotton kurtas or salwar kameez -

These traditional Indian garments are comfortable and stylish.

Comfortable walking shoes -

You will be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes are comfortable.

Comfortable sandals/slippers -

For relaxing in your hotel or around the pool.

Hat -

To protect you from the sun.

Scarf -

To protect you from the sun or dust.

Swimsuit -

If your hotel has a pool.

Warm layer -

For the evenings, as it can get cool.


Sunglasses -

To protect your eyes from the sun.

Sunscreen -

To protect your skin from the sun.

Insect repellent -

To keep away mosquitoes and other insects.

Hand sanitizer -

To keep your hands clean.

Travel towel -

Quick drying and compact.

Reusable water bottle -

To stay hydrated.

Essentials & Must Haves

Passport and visa -

Required for entry into India.

Indian Rupees -

The local currency.

Credit cards and debit cards -

Widely accepted in India.

Travel insurance -

To protect yourself against unexpected events.

First-aid kit -

For minor injuries.

Medications -

Any prescription medications you need.

Travel documents -

Train tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

Photocopies of important documents -

In case your originals are lost or stolen.

Small backpack or suitcase -

For carrying your belongings.

Good to Have

Guidebook or travel app -

For information on what to see and do.

Camera -

To capture your memories.

Binoculars -

For wildlife viewing.

Language translation app -

To help you communicate with locals.

Power bank -

To keep your devices charged.

Travel pillow -

For comfort on long train rides.

Small first-aid kit -

For minor injuries.

Small flashlight -

For emergencies.


Phone -

For communication and navigation.

Laptop or tablet -

For entertainment and work.

Camera -

To capture your memories.

Headphones -

For listening to music or podcasts.

Power bank -

To keep your devices charged.

Universal travel adapter -

To use your devices in India.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Cash, credit cards, and debit cards are widely accepted in India.

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