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Planning a trip to Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

6th May to 9th May, 2024Budget Friendly Train
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Things to do in Nainital in May

Day 1 - Monday 6th, May
morning -

Take the morning Shatabdi Express train from Lucknow to Kathgodam

afternoon -

Upon arrival at Kathgodam, take a taxi to Nainital and check in to your hotel. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the scenic Naini Lake.

evening -

Explore Mall Road and enjoy a delicious dinner at Chandani Chowk restaurant for authentic Indian cuisine.

Day 2 - Tuesday 7th, May
morning -

Take a morning walk to Tiffin Top for stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas.

afternoon -

Head to Sonam's Momos for a delicious and budget-friendly lunch of local Tibetan momos.

evening -

Take a peaceful boat ride at the serene Naini Lake and enjoy the sunset views.

Day 3 - Wednesday 8th, May
morning -

Visit the beautiful Naina Devi Temple and seek blessings at this sacred Hindu pilgrimage site.

afternoon -

Explore the vibrant Tibetan Market for unique souvenirs and handicrafts.

evening -

Indulge in a delightful dinner at Sakley's Restaurant & Pastry Shop known for its delicious European cuisine and cozy ambiance.

Day 4 - Thursday 9th, May
morning -

Spend a serene morning strolling through the Eco Cave Gardens, exploring the interconnected rocky caves and enjoying the lush greenery.

afternoon -

Have a relaxed lunch at Moti Mahal for delectable Indian dishes in a casual setting.

evening -

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Nainital from Snow View Point and catch the breathtaking sunset views.

Day 5 - Friday 10th, May
morning -

Catch the early morning train back to Lucknow and cherish the memories of your relaxing getaway in Nainital.

afternoon -

Enjoy a quick meal at the Kathgodam Railway Station before departing for Lucknow.

evening -

Depart from Kathgodam to Lucknow.

Weather in Nainital in Invalid date
Avg Temp13°C to 28°C
Chance of Rain30%

May in Nainital typically experiences moderate temperatures with clear skies. Occasional rainfall is possible. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

Travel eSims for India

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Things to Carry on your trip to Nainital

Clothing & Apparel

Light jacket or sweater -

For evenings or unexpected weather changes.

Comfortable walking shoes -

For exploring the area and hiking to viewpoints.

Layers of clothing -

To adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day.

Raincoat or umbrella -

For possible rainfall.

Casual and formal attire -

Depending on your planned activities.


Hat -

For sun protection.

Sunglasses -

To protect your eyes from the sun.

Scarf -

For warmth and style.

Gloves -

Optional for cooler evenings.

Travel-sized toiletries -

Including essentials like shampoo, soap, and deodorant.

Essentials & Must Haves

Identification and travel documents -

Passport or ID card, visa if required.

Money (Indian Rupees) and credit/debit cards -

Cash and cards for expenses.

Travel insurance -

For unexpected events.

First-aid kit -

For minor emergencies.

Reusable water bottle -

To stay hydrated.

Small backpack or daypack -

For carrying essentials during day trips.

Good to Have

Camera -

To capture memories.

Binoculars -

For birdwatching or scenic views.

Travel guide or map -

For information and navigation.

Book or e-reader -

For entertainment and relaxation.

Small snacks -

To keep your energy levels up between meals.


Smartphone -

For communication, navigation, and entertainment.

Portable charger -

To keep your devices powered up.

Travel adapter -

If your devices have different plug types.

Headphones or earphones -

For listening to music or podcasts.

Action camera or drone (optional) -

For capturing unique perspectives and footage.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Indian Rupees, credit cards, and debit cards are widely accepted.

Travel Apps in Nainital

Food Delivery Apps in Nainital

Local Experiences in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

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