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Planning a trip to Meghalaya, India

27th Apr to 3rd May, 2024Moderate Budget Flight
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Things to do in Meghalaya, India in April

Day 1 - Saturday 27th, Apr
afternoon -

Arrive at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (Guwahati) and drive to Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Visit Ward's Lake for a relaxing stroll and enjoy the scenic beauty.

evening -

Dinner at Jadoh at Lamee Restaurant, a local dish of Meghalaya, followed by a visit to Police Bazar for some evening shopping and local street food.

Day 2 - Sunday 28th, Apr
morning -

Visit the Don Bosco Museum to learn about the culture and history of the northeastern region.

afternoon -

Lunch at Jiva Spa and enjoy a peaceful afternoon amidst nature at the Lady Hydari Park.

evening -

Explore the local market at Bara Bazar for handicrafts, traditional Meghalayan attire, and local delicacies for dinner.

Day 3 - Monday 29th, Apr
morning -

Travel to Cherrapunji, known for its living root bridges and stunning waterfalls. Visit the Nohkalikai Falls, one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India.

afternoon -

Lunch at Cafe Cherrapunjee and explore the Mawsmai Cave, known for its limestone formations.

evening -

Drive back to Shillong and relax at the hotel. Dinner at Trattoria, known for its Italian and Indian cuisine.

Day 4 - Tuesday 30th, Apr
morning -

Visit the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong, and walk on the living root bridge. Explore the Sky Walk for panoramic views.

afternoon -

Lunch at Mawlynnong Restaurant and head to Dawki for boating in the crystal-clear waters of Umngot River.

evening -

Return to Shillong and enjoy dinner at Jadoh at Jadoh Restaurant, trying out a different local variation of the Jadoh dish.

Day 5 - Wednesday 1st, May
morning -

Travel to Mawsynram, known for being the wettest place on earth. Visit the Mawjymbuin Cave and the Mawlyngbna Eco-Tourism site for outdoor activities.

afternoon -

Lunch at the Mawsynram Village and explore the unique living root bridges in the area.

evening -

Return to Shillong and have dinner at Cafe Shillong, a popular spot for local and international cuisine.

Day 6 - Thursday 2nd, May
morning -

Head to Jaintia Hills and explore the Krang Suri Waterfall for a breathtaking natural experience.

afternoon -

Enjoy lunch at the nearby local eateries and embark on a caving adventure at the Jarain Caves.

evening -

Return to Shillong and have dinner at the famous City Hut Dhaba, known for its Indian and Chinese dishes.

Day 7 - Friday 3rd, May
morning -

Indulge in a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and visit the Elephant Falls for a morning nature walk.

afternoon -

Lunch at Dejavu, a cozy restaurant with a variety of cuisines to choose from.

evening -

Head to Guwahati for the flight back to Bengaluru. Departure from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

Weather in Meghalaya, India in Invalid date
Avg Temp12°C to 30°C
Chance of Rain60%

Meghalaya's weather in April can be unpredictable, with a mix of sunshine and rain. Expect warm days, with temperatures around 20-30°C, and cooler nights, dropping to 12-18°C. Occasional thunderstorms are also possible. So we are suggesting you pack accordingly.

Travel eSims for India

*Travel eSims are a great way to stay connected while travelling. They are easy to set up online, no need to visit a store, and can be used in multiple countries. They are a data saver compared to international roaming and are compatible with most phones.

Things to Carry on your trip to Meghalaya, India

Clothing & Apparel

Lightweight t-shirts -

Moisture-wicking and breathable t-shirts are ideal for Meghalaya's humid climate.

Hiking pants or jeans -

Comfortable and durable pants for exploring the natural surroundings.

Waterproof jacket -

To protect from sudden rainfall during the monsoon season.

Comfortable shoes -

Hiking boots or walking shoes for exploring the terrain.


Sunglasses -

To protect your eyes from the sun.

Hat -

For additional sun protection.

Reusable water bottle -

To stay hydrated while exploring.

Small backpack -

For carrying essentials during day trips.

Essentials & Must Haves

Passport/ID card -

For identification purposes.

Tickets and reservations -

Confirmations for flights, tours, and accommodations.

Small first-aid kit -

For minor cuts or injuries.

Cash and cards -

Meghalaya accepts a mix of cash and cards.

Good to Have

Camera -

To capture the stunning scenery.

Binoculars -

For birdwatching or wildlife viewing.

Travel guide or map -

For information about attractions and local culture.

Toiletries -

Travel-sized essentials like shampoo, soap, and deodorant.


Smartphone -

With a local SIM card for connectivity.

Power bank -

To keep your devices charged.

Travel adapter -

For charging devices with different plug types.

Headphones or earphones -

For listening to music or podcasts.

Good to Knows

Payment Options -

Meghalaya accepts a mix of cash and credit/debit cards. Cash is still preferred in smaller towns and villages.


Local Experiences in Meghalaya, India

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