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Planning a trip to Karnataka, India

22nd Jun to 28th Jun, 2024Budget Friendly Road Trip
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Things to do in Karnataka, India in June

Day 1 - Saturday 22nd, Jun
morning -

Arrive in Davanagere and explore local breakfast options like Benne Dosa and Khali Dosa at Shree Guru Kottureshwara Benne Dosa Hotel

afternoon -

Visit Aanegundi, a quaint village with ancient temples and scenic boulders. Relax by the Tungabhadra river for a peaceful afternoon.

evening -

Enjoy local street food at Hari Super Sandwich for their famous masala dosa and grilled sandwiches.

Day 2 - Sunday 23rd, Jun
morning -

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hampi, visit the Virupaksha Temple and marvel at the ancient architecture.

afternoon -

Visit the stone chariot in Vittala Temple complex and witness the iconic architecture of the region.

evening -

Relax and enjoy the sunset at the banks of the Tungabhadra River, with a view of the Hampi boulders and ruins.

Day 3 - Monday 24th, Jun
morning -

Explore the ancient rock-cut caves and sculptures in Badami, known for its rich history and architecture.

afternoon -

Visit Agastya Lake and enjoy a peaceful boat ride or relax by the serene lake shore for a tranquil afternoon.

evening -

Treat yourself to authentic local cuisine at Ruchimane Mess, known for its delicious Thali meals featuring regional dishes.

Day 4 - Tuesday 25th, Jun
morning -

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pattadakal, known for its group of 8th-century monuments with fascinating architecture and intricate carvings.

afternoon -

Visit the ancient village of Aihole, known for its beautifully carved temples and historical significance. Take a stroll around the ancient structures and soak in the ambiance.

evening -

Enjoy a serene evening at the banks of Malaprabha River, taking in the peaceful surroundings and reflecting on the historical significance of the region.

Day 5 - Wednesday 26th, Jun
morning -

Visit Gokak Falls and marvel at the picturesque setting with hanging bridge, lush greenery, and the roaring waterfall. Take a refreshing dip in the natural pool at the base of the falls for an adventurous morning.

afternoon -

Explore the serene surroundings of Godachinmalki Falls, a lesser-known but equally beautiful waterfall, perfect for a peaceful afternoon with friends.

evening -

Enjoy local street food and snacks at the bustling Gokak market, known for its variety of authentic local snacks and delicacies.

Day 6 - Thursday 27th, Jun
morning -

Visit the Belgaum Fort and immerse yourself in the historical and architectural significance of the ancient fort. Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the fort walls.

afternoon -

Discover the tranquility of Kamal Basti, an ancient Jain temple known for its intricate carvings and peaceful ambiance, perfect for a serene afternoon exploration.

evening -

Savor the local flavors at Niyaz Hotel, known for its delectable non-vegetarian dishes and aromatic biryanis.

Day 7 - Friday 28th, Jun
morning -

Explore the heritage village of Hooli, known for its ancient temples and vibrant traditions. Immerse in the local culture and craftsmanship of the region.

afternoon -

Visit the historical village of Saundatti and explore the iconic temples, such as the beautiful Marikamba Temple, adorned with stunning architecture and intricate carvings.

evening -

Departure from Davanagere to your next destination.

Local Experiences in Karnataka, India

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Budget for Karnataka, India in Jun, 2024
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INR11,500 - 16,200

Approximate Budget Range for your trip.

Travel Expenses Breakdown
Road Trip
INR 2,000- 2,500
INR 1,000- 1,500
INR 4,000- 6,000
Local Traveling
INR 500- 700
INR 2,500- 3,500
INR 1,500- 2,000
Simple Tips to save money while travelling to Karnataka, India
  • Try the local street food for authentic flavors and budget-friendly dining experiences.
  • Stay in budget-friendly accommodations such as guesthouses or hostels to save on lodging costs.

*Disclaimer - Please note that the travel budget suggestions provided by Trip Garuda are generated through AI algorithms based on available data and user input. While we strive for accuracy, these estimates may not reflect real-time pricing or unforeseen expenses. We recommend using these figures as a general guide and encourage you to conduct further research and budgeting based on your specific travel requirements.